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The Painful Love, 2024


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Abstract Photography

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In this project, I strive to redefine the essence of abstract photography beyond merely capturing isolated elements of a still object. Abstract art, at its core, transcends the boundaries of physical representation to evoke emotions and narratives through the interplay of dots, lines, faces, and colors. I embarked on this journey by exploring how I could harness the capabilities of a camera to create abstract images that resonate with profound feelings.

In this pursuit, I discovered the transformative power of long exposure photography. By extending the exposure time, I invited the camera to capture not only what is immediately visible to the eye but also the unseen essence of the subject. Through this technique, the original objects become blurred, giving rise to a new visual language that speaks volumes about the emotions embedded within.

The process doesn't end with the click of the shutter; it extends into the realm of digital development. In this process, I adopt a painterly approach, using the camera as my brush and the canvas of time as my medium. Delicately applying strokes of color, adjusting exposures, and fine-tuning contrasts to unveil the hidden emotions within the captured imagery. It's not about manipulation but rather about revealing the emotional truth that lies beneath the surface.

Through this project, I aspire to delve into the depths of human emotion and offer viewers a glimpse into the unseen landscapes of the soul. My aim is not only to create captivating visuals but also to elevate abstract photography as a legitimate and poignant form of artistic expression within the realm of photography. By weaving together light, time, and emotion, I hope to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the power of abstract photography to speak directly to the human heart and soul.

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